Tier III Introduction to Physician Medical Record Auditor/Analyst - (8 CEUs)

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Tier III: Introduction to Physician Medical Record Auditor/Analyst. This is a unique medical auditing course designed for those who have a background in medical records, insurance, billing and coding (MIBC). It introduces all areas of physician medical record auditing and includes a quiz at the end of each module and module cases to audit with extensive answer keys for earning. The course is an ideal preparation for anyone who performs physician medical record auditing. It may help you o prepared for medical record, coding or a CMS Recovery Auditing Consultant (RAC) review. It will prepare you for the AAPC's CEMC™: Evaluation Management Coding Certification.

Course materials included: eBook, presentations, forms and assessments.

Required: Current Year ICD-10-CM Vol. 1 & 2 only, CPT and HCPCS Level II Reference Books

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