Tier II: CCS Review Course - 3 Modules of Study Comprehensive Online Class

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Tier II Module I: Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS): This module covers the Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS), MS-DRGs, CMS Official Coding Guidelines, Present on Admission (POA) and Inpatient procedures.  A UB 04 resource, IPPS Glossary and IPPS Acronyms are also available in the course.  This is a necessary course for those preparing for the AHIMA CCS inpatient coding.

Tier II Module II: ICD-9-PCS, Inpatient Procedures: This course covers only ICD-10-PCS Book 3, inpatient procedure coding.  This is one of the most comprehensive classes available for inpatient procedures used on the UB-04 for facility billing.  The content also has extensive ICD-10-CM Diagnostic coding to compliment the ICD-10-PCS procedure coding in order to understand the relationships necessary to show medical necessity.  Finally, an MS-DRGs assignment and discussion has been applied to each of the cases in each chapter.

Tier II Module III: MS-DRGs & APCs: Hospital coding or “Facility” coding has its own unique coding systems and reimbursement (payment) systems referred to as the inpatient perspective payment system (IPPS).  In this module you will cover all of the key aspects of the IPPS and Medical Severity - Diagnostic Related Groups (MS-DRGs) and also the outpatient perspective payment system (OPPS) and ambulatory payment groups (APCs).  Having an understanding how your facility is paid, will help you understand how to evaluate accuracy in billing and reimbursement.

Course materials included: eBook, presentations, forms and assessments.

Required: Current Year ICD-10-CM Vol. 1, 2 and ICD-10-PCS Book 3 (hospital), CPT and HCPCS Level II Reference Books





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